Come as a guest, leave as a friend

Come as a guest, leave as a friend

Junior & Nemesia’s Cottages – Welcome to our resort in Pamilacan Island!

We have 9 cottages available for our guests. 4 are situated on the beach front and are built in the traditional methods using only bamboo and nipa.

Junior & Nemesia's Cottages: Authentic Pamilacan Cottage at the beach

Cottage on the beach front

The other 5 large, airy cottages of our authentic resort in Pamilacan Island are situated slightly back from the beach, looking over the sheltered grassy area, shaded by coconut palms and other tropical trees.

Bedroom Pamilacan Cottages: beds with mosquito nets

Beds with mosquito nets

Each cottage has at least one double bed and its own bathroom with toilet and water for showering and washing.

Bathroom Pamilacan Cottages: simple but authentic bathroom with toilet

Simple but authentic bathroom with toilet

The price per night is only 1.000 PHP per guest. Children’s prices (3 – 6 years old) are only half of that what adults pay. For newborns and babies (0 – 2 years old) we do not charge at all.

All Meals & Water are included

When you stay with us, all your meals and drinking water at meal times are provided, tea or coffee is regularly available. With us you will never be hungry! Our food is always freshly prepared, with the emphasis on locally available ingredients.

Fresh fish, prepared in a variety of delicious ways, is an important part of our diet as are island chickens and eggs. Our pork also often comes from island pigs. The island bakery supplies us with bread rolls and where possible we use island fruit and vegtables.

Authentic Filipino Food in our Resort in Pamilacan

We enjoy sharing special meals and local dishes with guests – on special occasions we make Biko, or maybe even Sashimi!

If you have any special dietry needs (veggie, no milk, etc) please mention it before you come to stay.

Pamilacan Island

Pamilacan Island is one of the few remaining islands in the Philippines, accessible to tourism, that has retained it’s original charm and character. There are no big roads, no cars, no big hotels, no late night bars, no internet cafes. The emphasis here is on sharing the many wonderful natural resources that the islanders are working to conserve for future generations.

Wonderful white Beach in Pamilacan, Bohol, Philippines

Wonderful white beach in Pamilacan

Island Facilities

The island has several small shops and a bakery. The main shop, run by Connie and next to Junior and Nemesia’s Cottages, is well stocked and serves the islanders and guests from early in the morning till late at night.

Beers, spirits and soft drinks, snacks and sweets, rice and canned foods, nappies, pens, paper and cigarettes – all the basics are there. Especially delicious and irresistable are the island bakery fresh rolls, cakes and sweet buns!

In addition, there is a small souvenir selection, mostly items are made on the island. Masks and snorkels are also available to rent.

Ecological Living

Pamilacan Island, by necessity, has to live in harmony with nature and we do all that we can to make sure that that continues. This affects most aspects of our daily life:

WATER: The only fully fresh water from the island comes from collected rainfall, we use this for washing, feeding the cows and other animals, and so on. The island has one well that provides brackish water suitable for washing. All drinking and cooking water has to come by boat from Bohol. We make the maximum use of minimum water. All toilets are flushed with salt water, and please be sparing with your use of fresh water when showering or washing.

RUBBISH / TRASH DISPOSAL: We avoid burning non-biological rubbish on the island, all plastic and other non-bio rubbish is collected in sacks and taken to the mainland authorities for proper disposal. A major source of rubbish are plastic bottles from bottled water. We ask you to help us reduce plastic rubbish by refilling your water bottle as much as possible from the water dispenser, instead of opening a new bottle. We are really happy when people bring their own refillable water bottles.

ELECTRICITY: Thanks to electricity brought by a diesel generator and solar panels (the solar panels have just recently been installed in the center of Pamilacan island), the whole island has electricity 24/7.

Solar panels on the roof of the school in Pamilacan Island, Bohol, Philippines

Solar panels on the roof of the school in Pamilacan

If you use non-rechargable batteries please do not dispose of them in the usual rubbish, we have a collectioin point near us on the island or please take them with you for responsible disposal.

Contact us

Nemesia Pingkian
0063 915 716 53 25
or 0063 928 406 64 47

Junior Pingkian
0063 919 419 46 84


About us

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